Apr 17, 2019

AP REVIEW INFO!! READDDDDD !! and bday cards

Thursday the 18th--the review session will be in Gallos' room only -- it will cover the first 4-5 sections of the study guide

Tuesday the 23rd the same material will be reviewed in my room.

GO HERE TO PRINT THE STUDY GUIDE BY SECTIONS  https://apush-gallos.weebly.com/apush-review.html

the sesson on the 25th will be in both rooms over the rest of the guide (same info, dif teachers)

The May 2 review will be in both rooms and attempt to be a broad overview with a little practice and a Q and A session

The April 29th session will be in the orchestra room at 10.30 am and will be overview, review and practice. Both teachers wil be there but Gallos will run most of it

PRACTICE--there will be a multiple choice practice in class the 18th, after school the 29th and a DBQ practice after school is being considered. Its hard to find a time and space....

YES___I will take cards on Thursday but NO LATER