May 1, 2020

Getting Prepared Assignment


All students must complete an assignment on McGraw-Hill Connect titled "Getting Prepared for the AP 2020 Exams - Video Questions."  Mr. Heimler has provided us with a great recap of the College Board testing guide that was recently released.  Watch his video, , refer to the testing guide if you need to, and answer the questions.  This assignment will be due by Tuesday, May 5th, 7 pm. Its going to try to limit you to one page so photograph all and save as one jpeg then submit


The College Board has made a page summarizing how to prepare for the exams.  There is a link to an online demo that I HIGHLY encourage all of you to check out this coming week.  A checklist is also available that all of you should print out and review.  Completing the checklist will make the exam process much smoother.  And also pay attention to the information about the e-ticket.  This will be the item that is required to take your online AP exam.  Here's the link:

ReQUIZ--For those students who scored less than a 70, or were unable to submit their responses due to a technical issue, the opportunity for a re-quiz for Periods 4 and 5 will be available on McGraw-Hill Connect on Tuesday, May 5th.  The quiz will close by 7 pm.  You will have 60 minutes - make sure to start the re-quiz BEFORE 6 pm, so that you will have enough time to complete it.  Remember, you are encouraged to use your notes and Crash Course review book.