May 7, 2020


This is from the ditrict regarding testing. Thanks to our new bff Steve Heimler, you know MOST of it. Not all though. please please please look it over


AP Students: Things to know and do for the AP Exams


5 Steps to Get Ready for the AP Exams

  1. Try the Exam Demo
  2. Complete Exam Day Checklist
  3. Confirm Your Email Address
  4. Locate Your E-Ticket – emailed 2 days before exam
  5. Exam Day – Check in 30 Minutes Early


Try the Exam Demo – This walks you through the process for taking the exam

Type in “PRACTICE” for the AP ID

 YouTube video that walks the students through exam process.

 Submission Guidelines

 2020 AP Exam Day Checklist

AP Exam Schedule

 For the actual AP exam:

  1. Students will need their AP ID (students must have to take the exam) that will be emailed to them 2 days before the exam.
  2. Need to login 30 mins before the start of the exam.
  3. Review your 2020 AP Exam Day Checklist
  4. Remember:
  5. We are Central Time Zone.  Exams start either 11am, 1pm, or 3pm
  6. Make sure that your Chromebook, laptop, phone is fully charged and plugged in.
  7. Use only Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Edge.
  8. Only World Languages – Spanish Language cannot use Chromebooks