May 10, 2020

Counting Down

We're almost there!  Your AP Exam is this Friday.
Here is the checklist you need. Print and USE IT.  
Practice with the exam demo at, which confirms that your device and browser will be able to access the exam.
Also, go through the relevant sections of your crash course book. Flag the different time periods so you can flip to them quickly. Check out the CSPAN cram video. Take full advantage Adam Norris,  Steve Heimler, John Green and uh...your teacher. Dont hesitate to ask individual questions. We will Zoom Tuesday and Thursday afternoons for group questions. Time is tbd--we've got to look at the testing schedule.
All missing work needs to be in ASAP or zeros will stay zeros. A few of you reached out but never followed through. Cant grade what I dont have.  There are FOUR MORE assignments. Each will take you about 15-20 minutes, so all four--about an hour. They are NOT due until a week after your APUSH exam and cover info that wont be tested. If you want to knock them out today--go ahead. If you want to work on them throughout the next week or so, fine too. But they must be in by MONDAY the 25th at 3pm. No extensions, no do overs. 
Also--two great videos from Heimler on HOW TO WRITE THE DBQ
    How to source the docs