May 29, 2020

summer work

I am in the process of switching webhosts. 

Please find summer work on Mr Gallos' page

May 10, 2020

Counting Down

We're almost there!  Your AP Exam is this Friday.
Here is the checklist you need. Print and USE IT.  
Practice with the exam demo at, which confirms that your device and browser will be able to access the exam.
Also, go through the relevant sections of your crash course book. Flag the different time periods so you can flip to them quickly. Check out the CSPAN cram video. Take full advantage Adam Norris,  Steve Heimler, John Green and uh...your teacher. Dont hesitate to ask individual questions. We will Zoom Tuesday and Thursday afternoons for group questions. Time is tbd--we've got to look at the testing schedule.
All missing work needs to be in ASAP or zeros will stay zeros. A few of you reached out but never followed through. Cant grade what I dont have.  There are FOUR MORE assignments. Each will take you about 15-20 minutes, so all four--about an hour. They are NOT due until a week after your APUSH exam and cover info that wont be tested. If you want to knock them out today--go ahead. If you want to work on them throughout the next week or so, fine too. But they must be in by MONDAY the 25th at 3pm. No extensions, no do overs. 
Also--two great videos from Heimler on HOW TO WRITE THE DBQ
    How to source the docs 

May 7, 2020


This is from the ditrict regarding testing. Thanks to our new bff Steve Heimler, you know MOST of it. Not all though. please please please look it over


AP Students: Things to know and do for the AP Exams


5 Steps to Get Ready for the AP Exams

  1. Try the Exam Demo
  2. Complete Exam Day Checklist
  3. Confirm Your Email Address
  4. Locate Your E-Ticket – emailed 2 days before exam
  5. Exam Day – Check in 30 Minutes Early


Try the Exam Demo – This walks you through the process for taking the exam

Type in “PRACTICE” for the AP ID

 YouTube video that walks the students through exam process.

 Submission Guidelines

 2020 AP Exam Day Checklist

AP Exam Schedule

 For the actual AP exam:

  1. Students will need their AP ID (students must have to take the exam) that will be emailed to them 2 days before the exam.
  2. Need to login 30 mins before the start of the exam.
  3. Review your 2020 AP Exam Day Checklist
  4. Remember:
  5. We are Central Time Zone.  Exams start either 11am, 1pm, or 3pm
  6. Make sure that your Chromebook, laptop, phone is fully charged and plugged in.
  7. Use only Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Edge.
  8. Only World Languages – Spanish Language cannot use Chromebooks

May 5, 2020

this week --PLEASE READ

SO.... TODAY. You should be watching the Getting Prepared video and doing the study guide. DUE BY 5pm

For later...You have a time period quiz on Thursday. I will post a lecture either this afernoon or tomorrow.

NOW...for a DBQ... I know its not 5pm, but I am deciding anyway. You need to pull up the DBQ below. Complete Heimler's worksheet, only using the docs specified.

Upload the completed  wkst to the online book, then...

THEN if you want to write a DBQ using this info, you can use this video to guide you. Start , with everything at hand, at 5:55.


DBQ - Territorial Expansion 1800 to 1855 -- ONLY DOCS Documents A, C, D, H, I


Tuesday-- Getting prepared is Due (TODAY)

Wednesday -- Watch Boyd videos

Thursday --Time period Quiz

Friday--Heimler worksheet due by NOON. Zoom for questions at 2pm



As a reminder, this Saturday, May 9 we will host two segments to help students prepare for the AP US History and AP US Government and Politics exams. For both segments, our panel of expert teachers will provide students with study strategies and ideas on how to prepare for the unique changes to this year's AP exams. Students will have the opportunity to call-in, tweet and email questions that they would like our guests to discuss.

  • Watch the program LIVE on C-SPAN or
  • Or listen LIVE on the go with the C-SPAN Radio App (available for iOS & Android devices)

Students may Tweet questions they'd like answered to @cspanwj, post on Facebook, or via email

  • Twitter Hashtag for AP U.S. History students: #APUSHCRAM
  • Twitter Hashtag for AP U.S. Gov & Politics students: #CSPANCram4Exam

Students may also call-in during the program but please know that due to the volume of calls, not all will make it on air.

Student Only Phone Numbers:

  • Eastern and Central States: 202-748-8000
  • Mountain and Pacific States: 202-748-8001

May 4, 2020

latest updates

Heimler is still going strong. 
I'd look at everything less than a month old

AP's latest updates are here

The checklist is here

Exam Walkthrough -- sort of --

Let me know if you have ANY questions.

If I dont know something, I will do my best to find out

May 1, 2020

Getting Prepared Assignment


All students must complete an assignment on McGraw-Hill Connect titled "Getting Prepared for the AP 2020 Exams - Video Questions."  Mr. Heimler has provided us with a great recap of the College Board testing guide that was recently released.  Watch his video, , refer to the testing guide if you need to, and answer the questions.  This assignment will be due by Tuesday, May 5th, 7 pm. Its going to try to limit you to one page so photograph all and save as one jpeg then submit


The College Board has made a page summarizing how to prepare for the exams.  There is a link to an online demo that I HIGHLY encourage all of you to check out this coming week.  A checklist is also available that all of you should print out and review.  Completing the checklist will make the exam process much smoother.  And also pay attention to the information about the e-ticket.  This will be the item that is required to take your online AP exam.  Here's the link:

ReQUIZ--For those students who scored less than a 70, or were unable to submit their responses due to a technical issue, the opportunity for a re-quiz for Periods 4 and 5 will be available on McGraw-Hill Connect on Tuesday, May 5th.  The quiz will close by 7 pm.  You will have 60 minutes - make sure to start the re-quiz BEFORE 6 pm, so that you will have enough time to complete it.  Remember, you are encouraged to use your notes and Crash Course review book.

Apr 30, 2020

Friday's Zooms are cancelled.

AP COLLEGEBOARD dropped new info today and we're trying to sort through it. There is no practice exam included though. I guess they figure you can write a dbq or you cant.

You get to use notes, and books and .... its a lot of info.

Check back here tomorrow!

Apr 29, 2020

Grade Issues? Read carefully

Please read CAREFULLY -- if you have a grade issue

Send me an email

SUBJECT LINE---The word GRADE, then your period

  • GRADE, 3 for example if you are in 3rd period and have a grade issue

The in the body of the email tell me

  • the name of the assignment
  • the date of the assignment
  • your grade on the assignment

Include either a screenshot of the grade in the online book or a shot of the assignement, or both

I have grades in the online book, via remind, in email, in Its learning, plus many of you have changed periods. I will fix any legit issues. Just let me know

Apr 28, 2020

DBQ Tuesday...not as tasty as Taco Tuesday but still good

I CANT GET ANYTHING TO UPLOAD... so here is the DBQ in full. We will only use/discuss doc A,B,C,G H