Dec 13, 2018

Fall FInal Review

Dec 12, 2018



I gave you the older (non updated) version of the rubric. Here is the newer version. I will give you a hard copy in class tomorrow.  RUBRIC

Dec 10, 2018

Test, Dbq, etc credit

STUDY GUIDE FOR UNIT 5 Exam (tuesday)

Extra Credit Due Tomorrow

Wednesday -- DBQ prep

Thursday --DBQ

Friday-- DBQ eval and Semester Review

Dec 4, 2018

Print and work

Chapter 15 Questions -- PRINT!!

Number 1-8 due Wednesday

Nov 29, 2018

QUIZ TOMORROW-- no homework tonight

You DO NOT have to print Norris outline. Although and notes you make can be used on the quiz

Nov 28, 2018


Finish watching Ken Burns' The Civil War, Episode 2 -- A Very Bloody Affair, 1862 and complete the viewing guide

Available on Youtube, Netflix, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Prime, Vudu and here
We are giving the TOY DRIVE  until MONDAY to give you one more weekend! 

Nov 20, 2018

Extra Credit and Toy Drive

Dont forget. 

Extra Credit -- (GWTW is posted)

Toy Drive

I got some grades updated -- let me know if you have issues still

Enjoy the break

Nov 16, 2018


I did not get grades updated...sorry Nathan, Elisa, Rahil, Evan, Allie...and whoever else I promised... I WILL GET to THEM THIS WEEKEND.. TELL YOUR PARENTS


Enjoy the break...WATCH A MOVIE !  ps..will get a viewing guide up for GWTW but rememeber--IT IS SOOOOO BIASED. Great Film but keep that in mind

Nov 13, 2018

MAP Quiz Friday

Lets just go with states and territories that existed 1850-1860. Know their names, locations, and whether slave/free/undecided/whatever



Nov 9, 2018

Weekend Nov 10 and 11

Rough Calendar

Print Chapter 13 outline and terms (see unit page)

Sunday is Veterans Day -- go to the parade, buy a veteran a meal or a coffee or just express your appreciation

Hopefully all grades will be updated by Sunday evening