Apr 2, 2020


You have 2 options for QandA tomorrow. 11am or 1pm

  • You must enter under your own name. First and Last
  • You must have video on...ON
  • Your face can not be covered. No Sunglasses.

Any noncompliance will get you booted from the meeting.

Join Zoom Meeting at 11 am
Meeting ID: 732 737 859
Password: 018354

Join Zoom Meeting at 1pm


Meeting ID: 148 025 589

Password: 986568

Apr 1, 2020


Really, really loved seeing those of you that could impromptu Zoom today!! We'll do it again Friday at 12.30, optional  Q and A over the chapter, then Monday at 1pm to Discuss the Four Freedoms.

This is what you should see(as of right now) when you get into online book. 

Mar 29, 2020

Class is back in Session!

Please view these by Friday morning at the latest.

We will have an online q&a via Zoom on Friday. TIme tba

Chapter 25 

  • Part One
  • Part Two
  • Part Three
  • Chapter 25 more -- Watch! Lots of info in less than 5 min (History Channel)
  • While Pearl Harbor brought us fully into the conflict, the rest of the world had been at war for several years. The chart below is just Battles...not hostile takeover, of which there were several.

SEE PREVIOUS POST-- IF YOU DIDNT GET IN APUSH, YOU NEED TO JOIN APUSH B--Same class, they just limited how many I could let in one


Apparently my 'Remind' limit is 150 and since I have way more kids that that, it froze me. Go back in and see if you are still there. If not, sign up in APUSH B with gk43c4e.

If you got moved to APUSH B, then you are fine. Same class -- same teacher-same info

Mar 25, 2020


Thank you to those who have reached out via email and Remind! Love you guys-- all of you!  THIRD period class -- you need to respond to the Google Form. 

AP Exam
  • Yes, there will still be an AP exam offered for APUSH.
  • The format of the exam will be different.  Instead of an in-person, 4 hour exam, it will be conducted online and be 45 minutes.
  • The exam will only have content from Periods 1 to 7.  This is good, as Period 7 ends with WWII (we are right on track).
  • The College Board has not finalized this new exam yet.  We have been told it will be "Free Response."  That could be short answer questions and/or the DBQ/LEQ essays.
  • We should be receiving more concrete info by April 3rd from College Board.  Check out the following links:
  1. College Board's AP Update for Schools
  2. College Board's AP Test Info for Students and Free Online Review

  • I am holding off on entering in the scores for the Unit 8 Exam.  The district has yet to finalize its decision on grading at this time.  For those who still have to make it up, dont worry.  We will figure this out.
  • Crash Course Review quizzes have been suspended at this time.  My advice - still go through the review book as we may resume the quizzes.  It's also a good idea if you plan on taking the AP exam.
  • The New Deal DBQ essay has also been suspended at this time.
  • When I know more -- I'll provide another update.

  • Start reading, and taking notes for, chapters 25 and 26.  Next week, I will start to upload recorded lectures over those chapters so we can cover WWII.  Yes, the outlines are a good idea if you like using them.
  • I may also set up video conferences so we can interact.   I'll let you know.
  • You may have assignments posted for Unit 9 in the future - make sure to keep checking in on this website or itslearning.
  • Recorded lectures and video conferences are all uncharted territory for me - I greatly appreciate your patience.  I also welcome any CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. ;)

Pep Talk
  • If you have learned anything from taking this class, you all should be confident that we WILL get through this current crisis.
  • All of you are more than capable of handling the changes to the AP exam this year and, provided you put in the work, will perform splendidly.
  • If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to send me an email/remind.  I'll do my best to respond within 24 hours.
  • Here's a cool image Gallos found that provides an excellent example of CONTEXTUALIZATION:

Mar 23, 2020


We're having an online faculty meeting tomorrow.

Stayed tuned for updates!

Mar 21, 2020


If you are in my Advisory -- you should have gotten an email via skyward with a form to fill out for the school and district. Please let me know ASAP if you did not. JUST ADVISORY

Everyone will be getting the info in the video below in an email on Sunday or Monday


Here is the VIDEO that you must watch 

Here is the ppt I use in my video MHS AND APUSH INFO

I know things are crazy and unreal, but please keep informed, pass info on to your friends and stay safe.

Mar 6, 2020


the first one is on the 10th--Be Ready!!


Mar 2, 2020


YES, you get an extra day bc of the wacky weekend but just having it tomorrow will get you a grade.THIS IS NOT A SURPRISE. It was on the syllabus before school started.

We are going to quiz for the national exam directly from the book. EVERY WEEK

CLICK HERE TO BUY BOOK ON AMAZON (this will not get it here on time at this point)