Unit One -- --due on  Day of the Test -- 

Unit Two--due on  day of the test -- 

Unit Three--due on Day of the Test

Unit Four--due on Day of the Test

EXTRA CREDIT MUSEUM--National Museum of Funeral History -- You must bring ticket stub and 1/2 page review of what you saw, with 2 photos printed at the bottom.

EXTRA CREDIT FILMS-- Both of these are readily available on most streaming services--

  • 12 Years A Slave  -- Viewing Guide -- this is an excellent film but sometimes violent and often disturbing due to the events it presents. Based on the bio of the main character.
  • The Greatest Showman --  Viewing Guide  --this is a ficitonal version of the life of PT Barnum and the creation of his circus. HIstorical accuracy at about 40-50% bu I love it.

UNIT FIVE--extra credit films

Lincoln and THe Conspirator are 6 points (very  long) and Glory is 5. You must print out the guide and answer in PEN. You may NOT type answers

  • Lincoln (Director: Steven Spielberg, 2012)  use THIS GUIDE for Lincoln
  • Glory (Director: Edward Zwick, 1989) use THIS GUIDE for Glory
  • The Conspirator : ( Director: Robert Redford, 2010)  use THIS GUIDE for The Conspirator
  • Gone with the Wind (Director: Victor Fleming, 1939)-- this is a long, epic film and its Southern bias is strong. However, as a portrait of the southern homefront, it's pretty decent and several kids requested it as an option. Here is the Viewing Guide. I stole it from another teacher, and as it is a pdf, made no changes. However, for our purposes, it is the same number of points as the others. You pick any 10 questions and answer them.

UNIT SIX -- extra credit films

Option One -- You may watch  one or two episodes of The Men Who Built America and answer the questions -- 3 pts per episode. ONLY EPISODES 1 to 6 are eligible for extra credit, as hopefully we will watch parts of 7 and 8 in class. IF YOU DO 7 or 8 you will NOT get credit. You can find the series on Amazon, PBS and all over youtube. Here are the Questions

Option Two -- See Gallos' page for regular movie options, 5 pts. 

UNIT SEVEN Ex Credit  Film

Legends of the Fall movie --on multiple streaming services -- Complete these questions . AMAZING MOVIE


Print out the document below and follow the instructions.  All three video clips are free on the YouTube channel, The Great War. The specific titles are Tinderbox Europe, A shot that Changed the World and The Outbreak of WW1.  I cant confirm they are still there since the network is bocking me, but search youtube for Tinderbox Europe – From Balkan Troubles to WWI  and you should be good.  All extra credit will be due in-class on February 15th.


UNIT EIGHT -- extra credit Films -- all are 5 pts

Gallos and I have some different options this time.  All are good, but only these are valid for credit in our class. Choose one--Due on day of exam.

  1. Inherit the Wind 1960 or 1999 version only.  You can view either the 1960 Spencer Tracy version or the 1999 George C. Scott version. No Other!
  2. Race with Stephen James and Jason Sudeikis - Form -- ignore the date. Due on day of exam
  3. The Untouchables --1987 -- Kevin Costner and Sean Connery-- FORM

 UNIT NINE -- extra credit films -- all but Schlindler's List are 5 pts, SL is 7

Warning -- All of this movies are, in some way, real. They are also about war and sacrifice. You may cry.

UNIT TEN -- extra credit films -- all are five points

UNIT ELEVEN -- extra credit films -- all are five points