Unit One -- --due on  Day of the Test -- 

Unit Two--due on  day of the test -- 

Unit Three--due on Day of the Test

Unit Four--due on Day of the Test

EXTRA CREDIT MUSEUM--National Museum of Funeral History -- You must bring ticket stub and 1/2 page review of what you saw, with 2 photos printed at the bottom.

EXTRA CREDIT FILMS-- Both of these are readily available on most streaming services--

  • 12 Years A Slave  -- Viewing Guide -- this is an excellent film but sometimes violent and often disturbing due to the events it presents. Based on the bio of the main character.
  • The Greatest Showman --  Viewing Guide  --this is a ficitonal version of the life of PT Barnum and the creation of his circus. HIstorical accuracy at about 40-50% bu I love it.

UNIT FIVE--extra credit films

Lincoln and THe Conspirator are 6 points (very  long) and Glory is 5. You must print out the guide and answer in PEN. You may NOT type answers

  • Lincoln (Director: Steven Spielberg, 2012)  use THIS GUIDE for Lincoln
  • Glory (Director: Edward Zwick, 1989) use THIS GUIDE for Glory
  • The Conspirator : ( Director: Robert Redford, 2010)  use THIS GUIDE for The Conspirator
  • Gone with the Wind (Director: Victor Fleming, 1939)-- this is a long, epic film and its Southern bias is strong. However, as a portrait of the southern homefront, it's pretty decent and several kids requested it as an option. Here is the Viewing Guide. I stole it from another teacher, and as it is a pdf, made no changes. However, for our purposes, it is the same number of points as the others. You pick any 10 questions and answer them.

UNIT SIX -- extra credit films

Option One -- You may watch  one or two episodes of The Men Who Built America and answer the questions -- 3 pts per episode. ONLY EPISODES 1 to 6 are eligible for extra credit, as hopefully we will watch parts of 7 and 8 in class. IF YOU DO 7 or 8 you will NOT get credit. You can find the series on Amazon, PBS and all over youtube. Here are the Questions

Option Two -- See Gallos' page for regular movie options, 5 pts. 

UNIT SEVEN Ex Credit  Film

Legends of the Fall movie --on multiple streaming services -- Complete questions 


Print out the document below and follow the instructions.  All three video clips are free on YouTube.  The extra credit will be due in-class on February 6th.

UNIT EIGHT -- extra credit Films -- all are 5 pts

Gallos and I have some different options this time.  All are good, but only these are valid for credit in our class. Choose one--Due on day of exam.

  1. Inherit the Wind 1960 or 1999 version only.
  2. Race with Stephen James and Jason Sudeikis - Form -- ignore the date. Due on day of exam
  3. The Untouchables --1987 -- Kevin Costner and Sean Connery
  4. ALSO -Since we didnt get to it in class, you may do FDR's inaugural address /questions for extra credit. See unit and/or Babbling

 UNIT NINE -- extra credit films -- all but Schlindler's List are 5 pts, SL is 7

Warning -- All of this movies are, in some way, real. They are also about war and sacrifice. You may cry.

UNIT TEN -- extra credit films -- all are five points

UNIT ELEVEN -- extra credit films -- all are five points