Summer 2018 Assignments

Greetings US History students!  

Please check each of the APUSH teacher’s web sites and get familiar with the layout and look over the materials.  

DO NOT worry about the online textbook registration. We will do that once school starts. Only proceed if you are totally sure of what you are doing. Many kids are having issues. If you know what you are doing tho--go ahead and register then look around. Even do the first two assignments

However---All APUSH students must complete the following assignments prior to August 16th. Please be sure to follow all directions and email me if you have any issues.

In addition to the assignments below, you  will need the Crash Course Review  Book


TEXT FROM PREVIOUS BRINKLEY BOOK-  you may of course use actual book

BRINKLEY BOOK Questions -- You may print out questions but then answer in pen!

MAP and CHART--Label and color all identifiable colonies as of 1775 as well as bodies of water. Make a key

No matter which teacher you get--Gallos or Boyd -- the summer assignment is the same -- Two chapter study guides, a chart and a map

STUDENT QUESTION I GOT TODAY--"should we study the study guides--is there a test?" ANSWER--We will have a colonies/map quiz either day one or day two. The study guides, plus Chp 3, will be part of a quiz the first week and a Unit Exam early in week two.  We will do chapter 3 in class, but if you want to read ahead, here it is.