Unit 6 ~ Western, Industrial and Urban Conquest


For students who are interested in having me write a letter of recommendation for college applications, please read the following instructions. 

If you dont submit all the required materials, your request will NOT be considered.  The evaluation process will be mainly based on the following categories: academic integrity, classroom behavior, and academic execution. 

All requests are due between  noon and 11:59 pm on May 1, 2020 ONLY –no other time and no extensions. Follow instructions. Emails outside this time period will be deleted.   Instructions:  Send your request to my school email address.


o    Keep the subject line in capital letters. Only this--NOTHING ELSE

  1. IN BODY OF EMAIL—the first three should be brief, bulleted lists.

  • List 3-5 adjectives that best describe you

  • 2-3 school activities you are involved with

  • 2-3 outside, community, volunteer or religious activities 

  • What personal/academic qualities would you like to be emphasized? 25 words or less

  • Describe the academic area that you are most interested in pursuing and why. 25 words or less.

  • Describe an "aha" moment you had in my class.  25 words or less.

  • What is a topic in this class that you struggled with but eventually understood? What methods and tools did you use to understand?

  • Tell me about your favorite APUSH topic this year – why was it your favorite?

I will send an email reply to students that meet the requirements, that follow the requirements and are selected.  If you do not receive an email response by May 20, 2020, you are not on my list to receive a college recommendation letter. There is no appeal.  I will cap my list at 20 students.

REC REQUIREMENTS--IF I am writing your letter you will have TWO DUE DATES -- if you cannot get things to me, as I ask and when I ask, you will need to find another recommender

  • May 29th-- Student Resume NOT brag sheet-- I want it in a 3 brad cardboard folder. nonshiny

  • Sept 7th. List of schools -- I will add it to your folder 

REC LETTER INFORMATION -- For Fall --completely fill out Naviance... over the summer.  You can always add more. Make sure your recommenders are listed and your right to view is waived. Print out Naviance list of schools with due dates. Be sure to specify the due date for each one.  For any paper rec required you MUST provide a stamped preaddressed envelope and a printout of any form required. Be sure to check the form for any info YOU need to fill out. This applies to VERY few schools. 

Naviance sounds like a booger, but if you have your info together before you start (ss#, schools, etc) it wont take you very long at all 

All letters are confidential. Letters of rec have little validity if the student can read them. They go directly to Naviance or in the mail. I will never hand you a letter, but neither will I agree to write one and then be less than complimentary.